Happy Spring!

The countdown has begun! With just weeks left of school, let's finish strong!!

Summer School

Summer school is highly recommended for any student who will not pass Algebra 1. In order to graduate with a high school diploma, students are required to have 4 credits of math. This means 4 full years, including Algebra 1. Please pick up an application/registration for summer school in the front office of the high school if this pertains to you. Thanks!

OGT Blitz Week 2/28 - 3/11

For 2 weeks, all math classes with students in grades 9 and 10 are working on specific goals to improve the understsanding for material from the Ohio Graduation Test.

Sophomores and Juniors/Seniors who have not yet passed, will be taking the OGT the week of 3/14 - 3/21.
Freshman need to arrive at 10 am - 2 pm. Enjoy sleeping in!

Here you will find helpful tools for SUCCESS in Algebra 1.

Just a few key items include:
  • Worksheets (did you miss a day of class? or misplace an assignment? not to worry!)
  • Vocabulary Lists (finish your homework in math class and looking for additional math to brush up on? find it here!)
  • Links to websites that I think are cool/helpful for your math learning or somehow relevant to what we're learning.
  • School Sites

February was Black History Month. Our class has been selected to honor Rosa Parks.

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